About Kim and Mindful Chai

Chai is more than a beverage: it is an occasion to meet and warm the soul with compassion.  Mindful Chai stirs the senses, facilitating healing and wholeness.  It is an adventure in whimsy and sacred wonder, artful and profoundly life changing in every moment.  Expand your awareness and tap into joy with Mindful Chai!

Kimberly LaRue, founder of Mindful Chai, is a multi-faceted healer, teacher, and speaker.  Kimberly’s compassionate abilities acquired over 30 years of training in mindfulness and healing arts create connection with the innate wisdom of the body.  Her passion is to foster awareness, clear embedded physical, energetic and mental patterns and impart techniques and practices that expand mind/body integration. Loving-Kindness is the seed intention for growth. Kimberly lovingly holds the space for those who want to learn how to be more compassionate and radiate joy for more peace in this world.

My name is Kim La Rue, but I have acquired other names throughout my journey.  I am also a Lamp of Joy, and my light shines across the globe, fueled by the learning, practice and healing adventures I’ve experienced.

Pack Your Bags and travel with me on the Himalayan Mindfulness Journey! 

My Story

I have been a healing practitioner for over 30 years, specializing in massage, cranial-sacral therapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga and sound healing.  The greatest healing journey of my life began in 2014 as I transcended a life long history of pain and cultivated true loving compassion with my mother at the end of her life.

I was raised by a single mother with a mental illness. Growing up, there was tension in the house around it and many feelings of shame, fear and doubt. On Easter of her last year, I found out that my mother was seriously ill and in the hospital. During my first visit to her, we hugged and shed a few tears. It was like nothing had ever interrupted our relationship.

Seeing my mom this time was different from the past. I knew deep inside that I wanted to be there for her. I knew that my training in the healing profession, my experience as a hospice employee, and all the causes and conditions had made me strong enough to support my mom. I went to see her every day during her last week in hospice and was holding her hand during her last breath. It was beautiful.

Her death was triumphant. It completed the full circle of a mother who gave me breath to a daughter who witnessed her last breath. How amazing it was to be present every moment with her, never speaking of our difficult past together or her struggles with mental illness. How we could heal our whole life together in just a few weeks overwhelms me.

I recognized the true love I had for my mother in her dying days. I remind myself that love never dies even if there is no physical form. This is true love at its best. I can continue to bask in the light of her love whenever I need it for myself, and by fortifying myself with this love, I can share it with others. What a beautiful gift. Thank you mom, for this blessing.

After my mother passed away, I looked for the places I could go to deepen my healing experience, and I was called to India, to travel on a pilgrimage following Buddhas footsteps in sacred sites with my Tibetan Buddhist Teacher.

The intense healing process began.

When I got home, I was not the same.

I realized what I was needing more Dharma (Truth) in my life.

I am exploring my consciousness.

I am allowing myself to feel and heal the tightly packed away emotions and thoughts.

I am doing my best to clean up past karma, to create better karma & a new way of life for the benefit of all beings.

My time in India has been ripe with service, and I am honored to share my gifts in this spiritually rich melting pot of deep wisdom.  As I’ve studied, danced, taught, touched, and healed I realized that the ultimate gift of my experience is in guiding people on their own healing journeys through some of the most vast, exotic, holy spaces on the planet.

When I’m NOT leading a tour traveling to holy places in the Himalayas and elsewhere, I have been: 

  • Facilitating Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses and one to one personalized Skype sessions with western students.
  • Volunteering for the NGO Buddha Smile School, and donating proceeds from my therapy practice to support students from the streets of India in earning an education.
  • Teaching yoga and meditation for La Didi School and Bowl of Compassion in Bodhigya, Indi; Zorba The Buddha Spiritual Center, Delhi, India; and Tibet World NGO Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, India.

Giving workshops to research project facilitators at Mind Body Institute,  HHDL  Dharmasala,  and India Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction by the Men Tsee Khang Institute, a school of traditional Tibetan medicine sponsored by the Dalai Lama.

Studying Immersion Tibetan Language at Esuckia Tibetan Language School, Mcloed Gange Dharmsala

Healing through private practice, performing CranioSacral Therapy supporting Buddhist Teachers, Expats and Travelers through India and Nepal, and as well as children and elderly patients along my path.

Participating in Vipassana retreat with Christopher Titmus, Sarnath, India

Teaching English as a second language at Orgyen Samye Chokhor Ling Buddhist Nunnery, Sarnath, India

I have given up a comfortable life in the tropical warmth of Florida for the Truth and simplicity of life in India.

I must be truthful and follow my heart.

This is my life and it is a gift.

Life is short.

Everything changes.

Birth, sickness, old age, and death.

We have choices.

We must find our purpose and make choices consciously or we will be tossed around like waves in the ocean by others thoughts and perceptions.

You have your own gifted lives to live.

I encourage living in the Truth.

It is a healthy choice.

Find your gifts and share them with the world.

That is what we are here for.

Don’t be stingy.

Share your heart.

It is the gift that keeps on giving.

I will do my best to do as little harm to others and be of great benefit to all beings.

Sometimes I feel shy and afraid to be this transparent.

But what more do I have to lose?

As I am learning, I wish to share what I am learning to help benefit you.

“May the benefit of our practice extend to all beings everywhere and in some way relieve their anxiety loneliness and depression.  May we develop the bravery to commit to wakefulness, bear witness to anguish and enjoy our lives.”

– Judith Simmer-Brown